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Our Services

Description of Minimum Rates

Please note that the following website provides information on our moving services, which includes a standard package of a two-person crew and one 16ft truck. There is a 3-hour minimum with the exception of labor only, which means if the move takes less than two hours the client will pay the 3-hour minimum.  Any additional requirements beyond the standard package, such as a larger truck or more crew members, must be requested by the customer. While scheduling your move, our associate will inform you if your move requires more than the standard package of a two-person crew and 16ft truck. It is important to note that any additional requirements beyond the standard package may result in an additional charge. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding our moving services. Thank you for considering our services for your move.


The Husky Movers are more than experienced movers.

We can help you with it all.

Relocation Services


Save the hassle and have us pack all your belongings using high-quality packing materials, such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.

Northern California Moving Services


 If you only need the labor and have everything else covered. Once everything is packed up, our crew will load your items onto a moving truck or van. Upon arrival, the moving company will unload your belongings from the truck or van and place them in the appropriate rooms.

Davis Moving Company


If requested, our crew can also unpack your boxes and arrange your items in your new home.

UC Davis Moving Service


The moving company will transport your items to your new home or destination

Seamless Moving Service
Moving in Sacramento

House Cleaning


We offer cleaning services for your old home after you have moved out, or your new home before you move in. Just request the cleaning services prior to your moving date so we can have everything scheduled for your day.

If you need to store your items for a period of time before moving into your new home, The Husky Movers can provide you with storage solutions for an additional fee.

Renovation Tools

Furniture Assembly/ Handy man

Piano Moving

Bulky Items

 If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled for transport or assembly at your new location, our crew are experienced and can provide this service.

If you have large, fragile or valuable items that require special handling, such as pianos, artwork or antiques, the moving company may offer specialized services to accommodate these items

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